Petaluma Things to Do

Petaluma is a historic town, full of art, life, and activity. Regardless of what kind of activity you enjoy most, there is always something to do in Petaluma. Though the list is endless, here are a few of the very best things to do while in town.


The Petaluma Seed Bank was actually the Sonoma County Bank during the 1920s. Though renovated since the 1920s, the building itself offers great insight into the city that Petaluma once was. As it stands today, the building is a great location for tourists and residents alike. The Seed Bank is actually a store that sells a large variety of gardening seeds, tools, books, and local souvenirs. The store is a popular stop for gardeners and those interested in plants and produce, though it is also an entertaining place to be for anyone. The store is located near delicious restaurants and other quaint shops to peruse.


Exploring the Petaluma Historical Library and Museum is a beautiful and educational experience. The museum offers a great gift store, historic tours, public lecture series, and various other events throughout the year. When visiting the museum, you can learn everything about the town of Petaluma including its poultry and dairy background, as well as lots of information about the first people to inhabit the land. The building is historic and beautiful and is sure to provide a memorable experience for all.


The Cinnabar Theater truly offers a night of entertainment for the entire family. The theater presents a variety of exceptional productions each year, featuring some of the most locally talented actors and actresses. The Cinnabar presents opera, musical productions, dramatic shows, dance performances, and various other events. Like most buildings in town, the Cinnabar is also located in a historic building. The building was renovated in 1970 from an old two-room schoolhouse into the beautiful theater that it is today.


There are plenty of other things to do while in Petaluma, a city packed with historical and current entertainment aspects for your family to enjoy!