Petaluma Outdoor Sports

Because of its prime location upon the natural beauty of California, there are a lot of outdoor sporting options in Petaluma. Horseback riding is a favorite past time among Petaluma residents. The Point Reyes Arabian Adventures offers not just horse stables, but horse training exercises, riding lessons, and trail rides. Horse trail rides are a unique and exciting activity that guarantee a great time for anyone adventurous enough to try them out.


Hiking in Petaluma is also an incredible experience. There are countless trails in and near the town that offer invigorating and challenging trips. Hike, run, stroll, or bike up any of these breathtaking trails.


Swimming is also a great sport to partake in, either by dipping in one of the many bodies of water in town or through one of the great community swim centers. Petaluma Swim Center and the Petaluma Valley Athletic Club are both home to swimming pools that the community can take advantage for sport or leisure.