Petaluma Adult Sports

Petaluma has a large variety of sports for the adult residents in town. Whether looking for recreational activity or a competitive league, adults in Petaluma will certainly have no problem discovering their niche. For the most part, the City of Petaluma Recreation Services maintains the leagues. Here are a few of the options for adult sports in Petaluma.


Basketball leagues are offered in the winter for men over the age of 30. Softball is available for league play during the fall and spring seasons for adults. The teams must have a minimum of 12 players and pay the registration fees in order to qualify for the league. Players must be 18 years old or older, not currently enrolled in high school, and must play by the house rules. Volleyball is offered to adults during the fall and spring seasons and is offered in multiple leagues. Join the men’s team, the women’s team, or the co-ed team, in a variety of experience levels.


The other sports that adults can participate in without joining a league are golf and any outdoor sport imaginable. Golf is best played at either the Rooster Run Golf Club or the Adobe Creek Golf Club. Even the most serious golfer will find these gorgeous courses to their liking. Adults are also more than welcome to explore the trails in and around the city to experience a memorable hike, bicycle trip, run, or horseback ride through the truly beautiful natural landscape.