Your Fall Petaluma Home

September 15, 2017

We’re halfway through September and fall is quickly approaching. Fall in Petaluma is our favorite time of year and prepping for those crisp fall days is our all time favorite activity. To get you into the fall spirit, we’ve made a list of our favorite, fun, and cozy fall time tips for making your Petaluma home feel more like fall.


Pumpkin Vase


While the kiddos are carving spooky faces into their pumpkins, take your own pumpkin and clean it of all its gooey mess and use your pumpkin as a festive vase. Paint the exterior of your pumpkin to give it an extra flare, add a small glass vase filled with water inside your pumpkin and top it off with a lovely fall themed flower arrangement.


Fall Time Wreath


Create a simple fall themed wreath for your Petaluma home by using a styrofoam ring of any size and your favorite artificial flowers and leaves. Don’t feel restricted to using just the color orange, have fun and be creative by using a mix of colors. From shades of grays, white, reds, and yellows.


Homemade Apple Cider


What a beautiful reminder that fall is here. Make your very own apple cider at home for a warm, cozy and crisp treat!


Fall Banners


Decorate your Petaluma home by creating a simple, yet festive banner to hang anywhere in your home. We love adding a little flare to our mantel pieces, you can create your own banner using supplies you already have at home. We like using old scrapped fabric, old t-shirts, hand towels, etc. Tying these to a piece of twine is an easy and adorable fall decorative piece.


Smells Like Fall


Consume your Petaluma home with the scent of fall. Using a crock pot filled with cinnamon sticks, orange rinds, cloves, bay leaves, and water. Allow your mixture to simmer and enjoy the crisp smell of fall.


Pinecone Art 


Add a unique fall decorative piece to your Petaluma home by creating a centerpiece of pinecone art. We love using cinnamon scented pinecones to paint a variety of different fall colors ( oranges, golds, reds, and yellows), which we then put into glass vases around our home.