Springtime Activities in Petaluma

April 9, 2018

April showers may bring May flowers, but why wait till May to enjoy the outdoors? Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities to do every spring here in Petaluma.

Visit a Tulip Field

Spend an afternoon out in the sun taking in the beautiful tulip fields! A visit makes for great family photos, tons of yummy food from various vendors, and fun outdoor activities fro the kids to enjoy. Lets not forget the fact that you’ll be able to bring home some of the freshest and most vibrant spring flowers.


Go for a Bike Ride

Take the kids around the block for a fun and active stroll on your bicycles. Nothing says springtime like a long bike ride with the entire family.


Visit a Farmers Market

One of our all time favorite springtime activities would have to be visiting our local farmers market. Taking in all the local vendors, food, flowers, and treats make any weekend a fun adventure for the entire family.


Go Strawberry Picking

Take the family out for a day of berry picking. Not only is this a decently affordable activity for the whole family to do, but it’s also a yummy one that everyone will love.


See the Cherry Blossoms

Springtime means that nature is blossoming and our absolute favorite would have to be cherry blossom trees. Explore Petaluma and the beautiful cherry blossoms that are in full bloom, again an amazing opportunity for stunning family photos.