Petaluma Singles Events

Being single in Petaluma can be very fun and exciting. Because the city has such a healthy and safe nightlife, there are a lot of different opportunities for single people to get out and join the community, potentially meeting someone special.


Explore the glory of downtown Petaluma at one of the many bars and nightclubs in town. For a bit of a classier spot, head to La Dolce Vita Wine Lounge and catch a classic movie paired with a fine wine. The lounge has a relaxed vibe and is appropriate for a few friends, a large group, a date, or even a night out alone. For a louder and more vibrant night out, check out local taverns like the Buckhorn or Andresen’s. These local taverns are sure to surround you with outgoing and friendly faces.


For less of a rambunctious night out, try exploring the Petaluma Farmers’ Market during the day. The Farmers’ Market is a great place full of Sonoma County produce, flowers, art, music, and people. The market is a great place to meet other members of your community while exploring an accurate reflection of the town’s passion for agriculture and local art. For the single person, the Farmers’ Market is a safe and comfortable environment to spend your day.