Petaluma Late Night Bites

For fans of late-night dinner, or simply a midnight snack, there are some great locations in Petaluma to check out.


Petaluma Taps is a wine bar, a restaurant, and a great late night spot in town. Petaluma Taps has an extensive wine and beer list that is paired perfectly with delectable dishes to munch on. The location is open until midnight every single night except for Mondays. Speakeasy is another great place to explore well into the night. The dinner menu at Speakeasy is a seasonally rotating one, which means you can never become too bored of its offerings. Speakeasy is a restaurant with an old-world style theme, complete with delicious late night food and an incredible selection of beer and wine, as well as teas, juices, and espresso. The restaurant is open until 2:00 AM every day of the week.


Pub Republic and Risibisi¬†are also great options for some late night dining. Risibisi is located in downtown Petaluma and offers healthy, fresh, Italian-inspired cuisine made from the best local ingredients in Sonoma County. Risibisi has one of the highest food ratings in the North Bay area. Pub Republic offers what they call “urban pub cuisine,” which is the usual pub style food, but made with a more fresh and organic taste. The menu is affordable, healthy, and fresh–great for the whole family. Pub Republic also has a great selection of local beers on tap, so if you are looking for a beverage to accompany your meal, this is a good place to be.