Petaluma Neighborhoods

Petaluma is considered a larger medium sized city located in Sonoma County in the state of California. The city is known for its historical aspects, its agricultural economy, and the number of technology companies in town. The houses in Petaluma are expensive, though not in comparison to some of the more expensive cities within California. The neighborhoods are community-oriented, friendly, and safe to live in.


The city is divided into 42 distinct neighborhoods. They are as follows:


Adobe Creek Estates, Cader Farms & Highlands, Casa Grande/Crinella, Corona Creek, Corona II, Crinella Drive, Cross Creek, Division West, Downtown Petaluma, East Washington and Lakeville Street, Garfield, Gossage Avenue, Greenbriar, Happy Acres, Kenilworth, Leghorn Valley, Liberty Valley, Lower Mountain View, Marylyn Circle, Meadow View, Midtown Petaluma, Miwok, Novak, Oak Hill, Paula/Magnolia, Petaluma Airport, Quarry Heights, Redwood, Redwood Hwy, Riverview, Rural Near West Side, Rushmore, Samuel, Southgate, St Francis/Ponderosa Drive, Sunnyslope, McNear, Sutter Street, Tri-School Area, Turtle Creek, Upper Mountain View, Walnut Park/Aqus/Wickersham Park, and Zinfandel.